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Title : Unobtrusive Cascading Dropdown
Categories : Java Script, HTML Click here to Update Your Picture
Ioannis Cherouvim
Date : Sep 29th 2006
Grade : 4 of 5 (graded 6 times)
Viewed : 33812
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Script: Cascading Dropdowns
Author: Ioannis Cherouvim
Date : 2006-09-15
Demo :

An unobtrusive javascript function which binds dropdowns together in order to apply cascading behaviour. Child (cascaded) dropdown has a class pointing to the value of the father dropdown.

If javascript is not enabled, your application will run. The user will just get to see all the possible child dropdown options, which is better than seeing nothing (as in 100% javascript based cascading dropdowns).

Multiple dropdowns can be linked together.

--- HTML ---
<label for="categories">categories: </label>
<select name="categories" id="categories">
    <option value="1">people</option>
    <option value="2">food</option>
    <option value="3">computer parts</option>
    <option value="4">other</option>

<label for="items">items: </label>
<select name="items" id="items">
    <option class="1" value="0">john</option>
    <option class="1" value="1">george</option>
    <option class="1" value="2">maria</option>
    <option class="1" value="3">kostas</option>

    <option class="1" value="4">petros</option>
    <option class="1" value="5">aleksis</option>
    <option class="1" value="6">nikos</option>
    <option class="1" value="7">niki</option>
    <option class="1" value="8">haris</option>
    <option class="2" value="9">banana</option>

    <option class="2" value="10">milo</option>
    <option class="2" value="11">souvlaki</option>
    <option class="2" value="12">pagoto</option>
    <option class="2" value="13">beer</option>
    <option class="2" value="14">water</option>
    <option class="2" value="15">cocacola</option>

    <option class="2" value="16">patates</option>
    <option class="3" value="17">othoni</option>
    <option class="3" value="18">pliktrologio</option>
    <option class="3" value="19">mouse</option>
    <option class="3" value="20">HD</option>
    <option class="3" value="21">floppy</option>

    <option class="3" value="22">modem</option>
    <option class="3" value="23">router</option>
    <option class="3" value="24">TFT</option>
    <option class="4" value="25">foo</option>
    <option class="4" value="26">bar</option>

----- JAVASCRIPT -----
//Applies cascading behavior for the specified dropdowns
function applyCascadingDropdown(sourceId, targetId) {
    var source = document.getElementById(sourceId);
    var target = document.getElementById(targetId);
    if (source && target) {
        source.onchange = function() {
            displayOptionItemsByClass(target, source.value);
        displayOptionItemsByClass(target, source.value);

//Displays a subset of a dropdown's options
function displayOptionItemsByClass(selectElement, className) {
    if (!selectElement.backup) {
        selectElement.backup = selectElement.cloneNode(true);
    var options = selectElement.getElementsByTagName("option");
    for(var i=0, length=options.length; i<length; i++) {
    var options = selectElement.backup.getElementsByTagName("option");
    for(var i=0, length=options.length; i<length; i++) {
        if (options[i].className==className)

//Binds dropdowns
function applyCascadingDropdowns() {
    applyCascadingDropdown("categories", "items");
    //We could even bind items to another dropdown
    //applyCascadingDropdown("items", "foo");

//execute when the page is ready

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