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Title : Multiple Search using PHP and Mysql
Categories : PHP, Databases, General SQL, MySQL
Suraj Thapaliya
Date : May 22nd 2006
Grade : 3 of 5 (graded 148 times)
Viewed : 90619
File :
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The example is useful to search a database. If we want to retrieve the data by a persons name then we just write one query and then it returns but my example mainly focus on multiple searches such as if you want to search into multiple tables by name [Table 1], by date of birth [Table 1] , by academic [Table 2] , by department [Table 3] then my example gives you a very simple way to search.

Version 1.1

Please see attached file above.

Point and Click Interface ala MS Access for creating SQL statements.
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Returns the last row from a select where multiple rows have been selected. In this case it is used to determine the last number in an AUTO_INCREMENT column. I use it to create "ticket numbers" or anything that needs a unique ID in sequence.
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myCSV-dump converts a simple CSV-flatfile-database into an MySQL-dump.
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