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Title : Dynamic Dropdown for Country and City List
Categories : PHP, Java Script, HTML and PHP Click here to Update Your Picture
Ehsan Haque
Date : May 17th 2006
Grade : 3 of 5 (graded 31 times)
Viewed : 92543
File :
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This example shows how to create a Dynamic List for Country and City. Select a country from dropdown menu and it reloads the page to show the cities in another dropdown.

This example shows how to create a Dynamic List for Country and City
-- It shows a list of country
-- When a country is selected, it generates a drop down list with its cities
-- In the php functions, getCountryList() and getCityList()
-- for example purpose the array of country and city is hardcoded
-- the array of list can be replaced by resultset from a database

@Author: Ehsan Haque

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
function reload(form)
// Setting the variable with the value of selected country's ID
var val=populate.countryList.options[populate.countryList.options.selectedIndex].value;

// Sending the country id in the query string to retrieve the city list
self.location='populate.php?countryId=' + val ;


- Function to return the Country list as an array
- The array can be generated from a database resultset
function getCountryList()
// Country List array
$countryList    = array (
'1' => 'Bangladesh',
'2' => 'USA',
'3' => 'UK'

- Function to return the City list as an array
- Country ID is used to generate the city list
function getCityList($countryId)
// City list array
  // First key of the array is the Country ID, which holds an array of City list
$cityList       = array (
'1' => array ('Dhaka', 'Chittagong', 'What else'),
'3' => array ('London', 'Cannot Remember'),
'2' => array ('Washington', 'N.Y.', 'etc')

<form action="populate.php" name="populate">

// Retrieving the country list
$countryList  = getCountryList();

// Setting the variable if the country is selected for its city list
@$countryId  = $_GET['countryId'];

// Retrieving the city list if a country is selected
$cityList   = ($countryId) ? getCityList($countryId) : null;

if (!empty(
// Generating the country drop down menu
echo "<select onChange='reload(this.form)' name='countryList'>";
  foreach (
$countryList as $key => $value)
"<option value='$key'";
    if (
$countryId == $key)

if (!empty(
// Generating the city drop down menu if a country is selected
echo "<select name='cityList'>";
  foreach (
$cityList as $key => $value)
"<option value='$key'>$value</option>";


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 naveen chary wrote : 1856
thank you it works gr8...
 velora chan wrote : 1859
I was wondering what your code was in populate.php because when I try the code, the list of cities won't come up. It says object not found after I click on a country.

 Mainul Hasan wrote :1936
hi Ehsan Bhai, 
this is a very nice code. i want to populate district in first select box and based in district i want to select upozilla. below my tables.

  `distName` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`distID`)

  `upoName` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
  `distID` int(11) NOT NULL,

how can i load it rather than using array??