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Title : MS Word Mail Merge Automation (COM)
Categories : PHP, PHP Classes, COM Click here to Update Your Picture
Joseph Crawford
Date : Sep 30th 2005
Grade : 3 of 5 (graded 6 times)
Viewed : 14321
File :
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This example may be a bit tough for some of you to get working so i
will explain here how to resolve any issues you may have running
this out of the box.

First you will need to edit the script to use your database object,
or alter it to use php's mysql functions to connect to the database.
If this does not work after that you may find yourself having to edit
the COM permissions. Especially if you are running IIS. You must
allow your web user usually IUSER_MACHINNAME to have permission to
run word, to do this click Start -> Run and launch the program dcomcnfg.

Expand Component Services
Expand Computers
Right Click My Computer
Select the COM Security Tab
Click Edit Defaults for both permissions and add your web user

apply settings and close out, try running the script again. Note
that at first you may want to make the MailMerge::$visible = TRUE
so that it will open word and you can see any errors. When all
works ok set it back to FALSE so that the application GUI is not
actually launched.

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