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Title : Alternating background color for HTML table rows
Categories : PHP, Databases, MySQL, HTML and PHP Update Picture
Jeff Dyke
Date : Oct 17th 2002
Grade : 2 of 5 (graded 2 times)
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Using a query from from a MySql Database alternate the color of the table row each time through the loop.

= "Select * from table";

$result = myql_query($qry);

$rs = 0// set count of array to be 0 for first run
for($i = 0; $i < count($rs); ) {
   while (
$rs = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
//divde the count by two and see if there is a remainder(odd number) and assign a color.
$bgcolor = ($i % 2) ? 'blue' : 'black';
//print results....
print "<tr>
                <td bgolor=\"
$bgcolor\">First Cell</td>
                <td bgolor=\"
$bgcolor\">Second Cell</td>
                <td bgolor=\"
$bgcolor\">Third Cell</td>
; //etc

I posted this on a PHP board and it was suggested i post here. Hope this helps

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 Tom Smith wrote :875
Just wot I was looking for :)  Thanks very much to whoever wrote this.

(creating an insurance database)