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Title : How to populate an input field of type text from a select box with JavaScript.
Categories : Java Script
Boaz Yahav
Date : Aug 23rd 2001
Grade : 4 of 5 (graded 4 times)
Viewed : 11784
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Sometimes you need to allow users to choose a value from a select box (pull down menu) and
have the value they chose show up in another input field of type text (for example).

Here is how to do it :

Add this Jscript function to your page.

function UpdateField(index) {
form.TextFieldName.value = form.SelectFieldName.options[index].text

o FormName is the name of your <FORM>

o TextFieldName is the name of the field you want the Selected text to be in.

o SelectFieldName is the name of the Select field you are choosing from.

The call to the function should be like this :

<SELECT onChange="UpdateField(this.selectedIndex)"; NAME="SelectFieldName">

In case you want the value of the field and not the text that is shown in the pull down menu,
all you need to change is the next line in the function :

form.TextFieldName.value = form.SelectFieldName.options[index].text


form.TextFieldName.value = form.SelectFieldName.options[index].value

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