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Title : function textwrap will wrap text to any desired width using <BR>\n as the default line break. Default wrap width is 80 columns.
Categories : Strings, HTML and PHP, PHP Update Picture
Richard Lynch
Date : Jul 10th 1998
Grade : 1 of 5 (graded 1 times)
Viewed : 19676
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        function textwrap($text, $wrap=80, $break='<BR>\n'){
                $len = strlen($text);
                if ($len > $wrap){
                        $h = '';
                        $lastWhite = 0;
                        $lastChar = 0;
                        $lastBreak = 0;
                        while ($lastChar < $len){
                                $char = substr($text, $lastChar, 1);
                                if (($lastChar - $lastBreak > $wrap) &&
($lastWhite > $lastBreak)){
                                        $h .= substr($text, $lastBreak,
($lastWhite - $lastBreak)) . "$break";
                                        $lastChar = $lastWhite + 1;
                                        $lastBreak = $lastChar;
                                /* You may wish to include other characters as
valid whitespace... */
                                if ($char == ' ' || $char == chr(13) || $char
== chr(10)){
                                        $lastWhite = $lastChar;
                                $lastChar = $lastChar + 1;
                        $h .= substr($text, $lastBreak);
                        $h = $text;
                return $h;

        <HEAD><TITLE>Textwrap Example</TITLE></HEAD>
                        $test = "This is a test. This is only a test. Had
this been a real emergency you would have been instructed to put your head
between your knees and pray.";
                        for ($w = 80; $w > 0; $w = $w - 10){
                                $wrapped = textwrap($test, $w);

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