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Title : getDirArray(Path,Filter,Sorted): Returns an array of the files in a directory, filtered by regular expression and either sorted or randomized. Good for random pictures and graphics.
Categories : PHP, Filesystem, Directories Update Picture
Glen Davis
Date : Jan 15th 2000
Grade : 2 of 5 (graded 3 times)
Viewed : 15526
File : dir.php3
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// Returns an array of files from a given directory
// Parameters:
// $Path: directory to get files for (trailing '/' optional)
// $Filter: case-insensitive regular expression (e.g.. ".*html?")
// $Sorted: any value other than "True"/"true" will randomize the array
// Returns 0 if no files match criteria or an array containing the results
// Does not return directories (including '.' and '..')
// adapted from documentation

// Very useful for random image display on a page without having to
// use some arbitrary naming scheme

function getDirArray($Path="./",$Filter=".*",$Sorted="True")
        while ($file = readdir($handle)) {
if (is_file("$Path/$file") && eregi("$Filter", $file)) {
                 $dirArray[] = $file;

        if (!is_array($dirArray)) {
                return 0;

        if (strcasecmp($Sorted,"True")) {
                shuffle($dirArray); // May not work on some systems. See php docs
        } else {

        return $dirArray;

// Check these samples to see how it works in practice

print "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>PHP Directory Listing</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>\n";
        print "<H3>All files in current directory</H3>\n";
        $FileList = getDirArray();
        if ($FileList) {
                while (list($key,$val) = each($FileList)) {
                        print "$key: $val<br>\n";

        print "<H3>Graphics files in alphabetical order</H3>\n";
        $FileList = getDirArray("./",".*jpg$|.*gif$|.*png$");
        if ($FileList) {
                while (list($key,$val) = each($FileList)) {
                        print "$key: $val<br>\n";

        print "<H3>Graphics files in random order</H3>\n";
        $FileList = getDirArray("./",".*jpg$|.*gif$|.*png$","random");
        if ($FileList) {
                while (list($key,$val) = each($FileList)) {
                        print "$key: $val<br>\n";

print "</BODY></HTML>";

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 Glen Davis wrote :177

Call `srand(time());` right before `shuffle($dirArray)` in 
the `if` clause near the end of the function.