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Title : Simple PHP program which calls other PHP program you can pass the variables to other PHP program : by Raju
Categories : PHP, PHP Options and Info, Regexps, Program Execution Update Picture
Raju Panuganty
Date : Dec 22nd 1999
Grade : 2 of 5 (graded 3 times)
Viewed : 28991
File : program.txt
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                Raju's PHP Program
        This simple PHP program which demonstrates you how
to call another PHP program. U can also pass the Parameters
to other program.

Here i am not dealing with the complexities of calling one
php program from other, rather i am demonstrating how u
can make inter program calls.

Here There are 3 programs

1. First program is raju.php in which i am checking the
the codition based on the condition i am calling the
other 2 programs hello.php, bye.php

2. Second Program (hello.php) an Third Programs(bye.php)
there is nothing great in them, i am using echo function
to display the message.

        I welcome ur suggestions and comments. Please
mail me at [email protected]


/* cut from here */
/* save this as raju.php */


//assigning value to variable $a
$a = 1;


checking the condition u can check either way ie true or false


if($a == "2"){


to Pass the variables to hello.php give the variables above the
calling php

for example i am passing variable $name

$name = "Raju"
//or require("hello.php");

} else {

$name = "Raju"

/* cut here */

/* cut here */
/* save this as hello.php */

echo "Hello $name";
/* cut here */

/* cut here */
/* save this as bye.php */

echo("bye $name");

/* cut here */

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